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A full body massage by a fully qualified and motivated professional Specialising in male only massage*...

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I am a mature qualified medical professional who has completed additional skill training and I am now fully qualified as a Sports Massage Therapist. I am also a keen sportsman and gym user myself and so know only too well the issues of sports injuries, muscle strain and fatigue. I have personally felt the real benefits from sports massage and I know very well how a targeted therapy massage can help in relieving pain and aiding and speeding muscle recovery. 

Also sometimes its just nice to treat yourself and have the total pleasurable experience of an all over relaxing  massage and to enjoy that "me" switch-off time and relieve the pressures and strains of everyday life.


* Footnote: Please note that female massage protocol requires an independent female not related chaperone when available at extra cost.

PdH Therapy 

 For a qualified professional
sports and relaxing massage
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Sports, Gym or work muscle strains assessed and treated to help relieve pain and aid recovery. Or why not just come for a relaxing therapeutic massage! 

A therapeutic massage is often just what you need to relax and destress with todays very stressful lifestyles. We are all so busy leading pressured and demanding lives so why not make some personal time and enjoy the calming experience of a professional all body massage.

Muscle Healing

Muscle strains and injuries are a common occurrence in sport and gyms and also in daily life but as a qualified Sports Therapist I can target and focus on the individual muscles that are giving you painful discomfort and a problem. Therapy is well known and is proven in helping relieve the pain along with aiding recovery in the overall healing process.

Sports Massage

If you are active in sports or the gym and compete in events then I can arrange to give you single purpose time limited pre and post events sports massage.

If your job or occupation is physically demanding or you suffer a muscle injury or you play a physical sport, go to the gym or feel under a lot of daily stress, this massage will help you feel great and relaxed again. I can adapt the pressure applied from soft too hard to suit your personal individual need.

The fast pace of modern daily life can often catch up with all of us, resulting in high levels of pressure and stress, which often leaves us feeling physically drained as well as mentally and emotionally tense and exhausted. My massage will help relieve all the tensions and stresses and will really make a difference in rejuvenate you.

My client often say "that my massage is different to other massages they had in the past as it feels far more intense" that is because I specialise in offering a full 1 hour hybrid massage which is a combination of an all over relaxed massage as well as including all the benefits of a deep tissue sports massage designed to target muscle areas that need extra focused attention.


Most people would benefit from more personal "switch off" time and a relaxing regular all body massage will help you to feel so much better.

Health check

Massage like any other hands on practice should always be assessed for suitability and safety and as a qualified medical professional  I will give a detailed assessment  to ensure your comfort and safety.

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Hello, I'm Peter your Therapist

Welcome to my website.

I pride myself in giving individual and personal service and listening to your needs so that I can tailor your massage designed to achieve your desired result. My objective is when the massage is finished I want you to get up from the couch feeling relaxed and refreshed ready to resume your days activities in a happy state of mind.

I also use only the very best non-scented massage products leaving no oily or greasy residue on the skin or your clothes afterwards.

Many of my clients are now booking to come back regularly, which is very satisfying for me as it goes to confirm that my individually tailored massage technique is proving very successful in meeting their desired expectations.

Here are some of the Proven benefits of massage;

1. Improves Circulation: Massage strokes help to move blood through congested areas, increasing circulation. Increased circulation helps to deliver more oxygen and nutrients to muscles and organs, which helps them to function better.

 2. Reduces Stress: Massage helps to reduce stress by calming the nervous system. This allows the body to enter a relaxed state and can help to reduce levels of cortisol, a hormone released in response to stress. 

3. Relieves Muscle Tension: Massage helps to relax muscles, which can help to reduce pain and tension. It can also help to improve flexibility and range of motion. 

4. Improves Sleep Quality: Massage can help to relax the mind and body, which can lead to improved sleep quality.

 5. Boosts Immunity: Massage increases circulation and can help to flush out toxins that may be causing inflammation and illness.

Come and try for yourself,


ps. I welcome your comments and feedback so please use the contacts page to let me know any any comments you have or how you found your massage experience.


I am a fully trained and qualified Therapist at ITEC Level 3 Deep Tissue Massage and ITEC Level 4 complete Sports Massage and  Classic Swedish Body Massage .  
Full Member of FHT - Information 
Massage Competences and Skills

Prices, Charges and Times * See the Special Offer*

Call for a Free pre-massage telephone consultation and assessment!

I often receive the comment "that my prices are very fair for such a totally comprehensive full one hour plus massage and that it also offers great value when compared with others"

The treatment room is in a discreet private location  in Norwich NR1 with free unrestricted street parking


Peter Harcourt

Sports Massage Therapist in Norwich

* Footnote: Please note that female massage protocol requires an independent female not related chaperone when available at extra cost.


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